KCCG: Intensive Unit – A Place of Hope and Struggle for Life! WORKING FOR 24 HOURS

Podgorica: A special day, the first good vibes, for doctors and nurses at the intensive care center was, as they said, the first time a coronavirus patient was discharged from intensive care.

The ongoing battle for the lives of people has been transformed into the Intensive Care Unit of the Clinical Center Internal Clinic into a treatment unit for patients with the most severe coronaviruses, the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG) said.

“There is, in fact, some fixed hours in this unit. It works 24 hours a day. At all times, patients are monitored regularly, continuously, on monitors, by nurses and doctors. So we all try to give your maximum, “explains pulmonologist Jelena Borovinic-Bojovic.

Describing what a working day looks like in an intensive care unit, she points out that unfortunately, effort, willpower and perseverance are not always rewarded with the victory of life.

He explains that when they enter the intensive care unit, doctors and nurses must wear protective suits, masks, glasses, visors, multiple pairs of gloves.

“Of course, working under such conditions is difficult. First, because your movements are somehow restricted, secondly, because there is a problem with fogging the glasses, with difficult communication with the mask, because of three pairs of gloves. However, I would say that our medical staff – nurses, and doctors are quite good at these extraordinary circumstances, “said Borovinic-Bojovic.

A special day, the first good vibes, for doctors and nurses at the intensive care center was, as they said, the first time a coronavirus patient was discharged from intensive care.

“We were all very happy. We were immensely happy because this is a very important moment in further recovery and moving towards better patient care. I have to emphasize that all patients on the intensive care unit are at risk of life. They are extubated, that is, when they are removed from the respirator. Because there are variations in the movement of the clinical picture in the sense that it can deteriorate at any time or, at the same time, we strive for, with all our knowledge and energy, “says Dr. Borovinic-Bojovic.

No one can remain indifferent to the horrific images from hospitals around the world. Our doctors and nurses follow the stories and testimonies of their colleagues’ suffering, but they say this risky situation has brought the best out of them.

“Personally, I did not feel any overwhelming fear. The same as the team of doctors and nurses involved with me. This situation made us more solid and secure. We really worked as professionally as we could and as much as we could. We all did have done our utmost to combat a disease that is still unknown to all of us, “said Borovinic-Bojovic.

Some of the doctors and nurses do not go home but quarantine after work, where they will live for the duration of the coronavirus epidemic.

“I personally am not in hotel accommodation, but go to my home, my children and exercise all precautions. But there are a number of doctors and nurses who are separated from their families. At this moment, the most important thing for us is mutual help and solidarity in fighting together in we care for each other to the fullest, we help. We care for each other, much more than before. It seems to me that this whole situation has further united us, brought us closer, and made us perhaps even bigger, better professionals than we are. have been so far, “concludes Borovinic-Bojovic.

He adds that the best news for all is on the intensive when patients start talking to doctors and nurses again.

“This means that the fight for life is on the right track. Patients are grateful, and home-based medics are happy for another win. For human life,” the KCCG said in a statement.

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