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Molecular biologist and one of the most respected Croatian scientists in the world, Ivan Djikic, said in an interview with RTL that the whole world is currently in a serious situation when it comes to coronavirus.

It is obvious that many countries have succeeded in locating and isolating the virus but have not yet been able to stop its spread. It is more critical now because the number of infected people is expected to decline, but at the same time milder measures are expected – says Djikic. He believes the danger of coronavirus spreading is still there and scientists around the world are telling their governments that they need to be careful.

Until a week ago, everyone talked about the dire consequences of a coronavirus pandemic, and now many countries are talking about loosening up measures.

Djikic: ‘Nature has overcome the world with a small virus. No return to normal by year’s end ‘

Nature is with a small virus that we cannot see and that cannot live without humans conquering the world

With a small virus, nature has conquered the world and humans will have to apply many habits due to the risk of contagion and prepare for the fact that by the end of the year, no one is likely to return to a normal life, warned respected molecular biologist Dr. Ivan Đikić.

“Just five months ago, the world had the richest resources we know of, the most modern technology, we were all arrogant and sure we were superior, and then one essentially mild virus and did what it did – shut down the economy, put half of the world in isolation, and we do not have genetic tests, a cure and a vaccine, “a Croatian scientist and professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt told TV Montenegro on a video call.

Nature, with a small virus that we cannot see and that cannot live without humans, has conquered the world, Djikic said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, the most important thing today is to prevent the uncontrolled spread of the virus, the large number of deaths and then return to “normal” after the isolation measures that have been introduced.

“If we do this gradually, then we will realize that by the end of this year, no country in the world will return to normal life. We must prepare citizens for this and tell them that normal life will not return after a month or two, but that we will have many of the measures we need to prevent the virus from recurring, “Djikic said.

He urged citizens to start changing many habits already and to realize that the relationship we have practiced so far has not been good and correct, especially towards science, medicine, the health system, discipline and civic duty.

“All this can be learned from a crisis that is serious, but still relatively mild, given the enemy we have. Because this virus is not the deadliest in nature, we have. There are a lot more deadly ones and we need to prepare the public to start working on themselves and make politicians and governments more serious and ready for the future, “Djikic said in a talk show” Certainly “.

Until the onset of the pandemic, many countries did not know how many of them had excellent doctors and epidemiologists. Now was their time, and where their advice was being listened to, in Djikic’s words, there was a good reaction from the system.

“Now their time has come and when politicians have withdrawn a little from ignorance to give place to experts, you see great reactions. Where there was a well-organized profession, where experts called and made major decisions based on data, those countries responded better. and where there was clutter and disrespect for science, we have tragic numbers, “Djikic said.

Dr. Ivan Đikić was born in 1966 in Zagreb, where he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine. Since 1997, he has been the head of the Molecular Tumor Biology Laboratory at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Sweden, and in 2002 he was elected full professor at the Goethe University School of Medicine in Frankfurt. As an associate professor, he also teaches at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Split.

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