It has not yet been determined who gave the technical specification for the procurement of respirators !? Where does the investigation lead?

The investigation into the procurement of respirators seems to be diluting. The best prosecutors in this case have been announced, but almost 10 days have passed and we do not have any concrete conclusions since the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH took over the case from the Prosecutor’s Office of KS on May 7.

There is a justified fear that such an investigation will draw the public’s attention, but that there will be no effect!

The most important question that the public is asking is still unanswered, who gave the order which machines to buy. Someone had to do it. According to the information, 100 respirators, purchasers of the Silver Raspberry and suppliers of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection (FUCZ), which are currently being examined and reported as unusable in the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, are without specification.

If an expert had done the specification, we would not have unusable respirators today, but in the end someone did? Can anyone imagine a scenario in which, God forbid, we needed those supplied respirators.

A technical specification is a document of 10 or more pages. The technical specification for a respirator can only be done by a specialist anesthesiologist. No one else. Most likely, no one made a specification here, which seems incredible. Because we suspect that Fikret Hodžić knew what a respirator was, and not that he made the specification himself.

FUCZ received an offer of Silver Raspberry at the beginning of April for the purchase of respirators and expressly, only a day later, they made a decision to start the procurement of the so-called respirator.
Under normal circumstances this is not possible. The investigation has so far had to result in those who told Prime Minister Fadil Novalic that “devices are the world’s top technology and who told him that two patients could be connected to the machine.”

Patria / Balkantimes.press

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