A Muslim asked a Japanese who converted to Islam: What is the word that affected you the most after embracing Islam? The Japanese said: The word “InshaAllah”

ISLAM OPEN UP JAPAN. Photo: Social Media

Because it lifts the burden off you and makes you feel that there is a God standing beside you and helping you, you are not alone in this world.

A Japanese woman was working in the city council and was responsible for dealing with divorce cases and related children problems after she got to know the family system in Islam and the amount of interest in building a strong relationship that binds husband, wife, and children in an atmosphere of love, respect, and freedom Peace be upon family stability embraced Islam.


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The year 1308 A.H

Turkey sent a ship to Japan and upon returning it crashed into islands near Japan, Japan sent a ship to carry the survivors of the ship to send them to their country in Turkey, this was the first contact of the Japanese with the Islamic world.

After World War II

When the soldiers returned from the country where they were during the war in the East Asian countries, among the soldiers was Omar Bukina, who embraced Islam with certainty, was active in the work of calling for the religion of Islam, and founded the Islamic Association in Japan in 1380 AH, and from here began the spread of Islam in Japan For those who witness today (Phenomenon) Iqbal from the Japanese on him.

The love of Japanese for reading has made Japan a fertile and ideal environment to spread Islam.

The Japanese love for moral aspects such as honesty, honesty, and mastery made them reluctant to embrace Islam in which they found great community values, although Japan (as a country) views the Islamic world with western eyes; its political attitudes are influenced by government attitudes America pretty much, but the Muslims in Japan are worshiping them Completely free and with the help and protection of the Japanese government.

Japanese Government and Islamic Sharia

The Japanese government is looking for solutions to social and economic problems in Islamic Sharia which has brought its financial system closer to applying Islamic Sharia than Islamic countries and may (this year) have passed a law prohibiting women from getting married for 100 days after separating from their husbands. Before the first time in Japan, The law says: Whoever wants to get married must wait 100 days after her divorce. Islam preceded them and prevented any possibility of any mixing of their genes before 1450 years.

But today they are looking for solutions to their problems

Islam in Japan is spreading among the youth and adults among men and women and penetrating the finest academic, media, cultural and scientific media, spreading among all classes, by the thousands. This ongoing decade may witness consecutive and huge waves of widespread Islam in Japan, (and the Great) In fact, they deliver hands and announce their Islam and make “videos” advertising it. They embraced Islam and proudly spread it and invite their family, friends, and acquaintances to embrace this religion in which they found truth, truth, comfort, tranquility, and tranquility.

O Allah, grant victory to Islam in all parts of the earth.

O Allah, be with the oppressed and vulnerable Muslim minorities who are being subjected to oppression and tyranny.

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