Is the Government of Montenegro obliged to abide by coronavirus rules?

Armed forces on streets, police, and inspection bodies have intensified controls across the country

Photo: CdM

Cities are being locked, and all this is happening in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, told CdM

Our major problem is the violation of MNE-wide measures.

Montenegro: “NCB” imposes new measures due to the complexity of the epidemic situation

As a matter of fact, it’s what the government and PM Zdravko Krivokapić told us several days ago, but the same PM along with his two ministers and a civil servant attended the funeral of Bishop Atanasije in the town of Trebinje yesterday, breaking the coronavirus rules.

Images show the PM and ministers taking off their face coverings in order to be able to kiss the coffin of the late Bishop Atanasije after dozens did the same before them.

So much for the word ‘given’, that is, the PM’s address to the nation, when he apologized to the Montenegrin public for failing to adhere to the rules and promised it would not repeat.

So much for the warning of Health Minister Jelena Borovinić Bojović urging him to abide by the measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

Is the PM going to apologize to citizens again?

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