Is Philip right or wrong !? Is there justice for Eyub?

By Filip Mladenovic-http: //blog.b92.net/:

My school mate and great friend Zelimir Gvardiol also has a documentary film, Roots of Evil, in his rich directorial oeuvre, made in 2015.

The main actors in the film are women and men who, after years of torture by loved ones or others, left without police protection, the support of the judiciary and the assistance of welfare centers, have taken justice into their own hands.

The film was shot in the prisons in Sremska Mitrovica and Zabarevo Zabela as a poignant testimony to the weakness of the state and its institutions.

And on Saturday, January 11, 2020, in the center of Split, a young man, Filip Zavladav, took justice into his own hands with the help of Kalashnikovs and killed three local drug dealers. And behold miracles! This multiple killer has received massive support from citizens through social networks.

The Justice for Philip Facebook group, which was created lightly after a shocking triple murder, numbered more than 16,000 members on Monday, January 13th, and would be abolished in the meantime!

The group’s description reads: “The group was made with the intention of supporting Philip, who did more service to Split on January 11, 2020 than the police did in the last 30 years.”

They boasted that they hired a well-known lawyer, Branko Seric, to defend Filip Zavadlav. A 25-year-old murderer, completely distraught and suicidal thoughts sent to the psychiatric ward of the Zagreb Prison Hospital, has been paid by numerous members of the group.

The group’s administrators say they set it up to resist a corrupt system, not to lynch:

“We are fed up with the fate of those who live off of us and our taxes; we are fed up with having our children killed without anyone being held accountable!
It is enough for us criminals to walk around and the acts they commit are forgotten!
It’s enough for us to make us sheep!
We are fed up with bribery and corruption!
We are fed up with everything that all of you have brought us to! All of you who stand by and watch the people lose their feet as you, up there, pull the strings and play with us … You are responsible for this, you are the one responsible for all that has happened!
We do not endorse violence, nor do we allow it to be great: but WE RESIST!

Of the incredible number of comments, I single out only one very indicative of the motives and reasons for the massive support of Philip Zavadlav:

“And the information is catastrophic – Philip knew exactly where these three were, and the three were therefore a joint criminal group – so it is impossible that by chance they all happened to be in exactly the right locations – so they acted as a business, as if were at their “jobs”, so the victim if he decides to pay goes to – “office” – in those two streets .. but the delivery was bursts instead of money. all of these facts are AWESOME, so this is not about some passing dealers! ”

P.S. Why did Philip take justice into his own hands?

“Killed dealers introduced their younger brother to the beauty of drugs, and like any dealers, it was in their interest to get him in as much as possible. The older brother (the killer) was an athlete, okay guy, he didn’t even smoke cigarettes, sailor, finish college, radio onboard , took the apartment and moved away from looking at the junkie brother, who couldn’t help but try earlier.

Upon returning from the ship, these city dealers heard that this seafarer (assumed they had money), and turned some of his minor brother’s drug debt into phantom interest into something that could hardly be repaid even to someone with a seafarer’s salary.

Interest was rampant, debts were rising, and the elder brother was neither guilty nor obliged to find himself the collateral victim of his younger brother’s dealer and drug addict.

Dealers began abusing him, harassing him, and the culmination occurred when they broke into his apartment and threatened with a knife that he would be slaughtered if he did not repay a phantom interest for the 100th time.

He was practically robbed and extorted, although he had nothing to do with them or drugs before, his only sin was that his brother was a drug addict.

After that, the character became psychologically disturbed, just armed, walking around the city and killing them. The fourth is not ours!

In Split, there is great support among the people for this act, since it is a triple murder. Such support has never been recorded so far. ”

In connection with this case, Croatian writer Zoran Anticevic also appeared on the FB profile in the words: ”

Zoran Anticevic:

“Imagine the faces of the worst dealers and dealers in your city, those whom the Croatian judiciary has nothing to do while harassing your entire family. Such have been killed by an ordinary citizen, Filip Zavadlav, in Split, for months he and his family have been bizarrely harassed for debt with which they Imagine how such monsters act to disgust your mother, wife, or child for debt that is not yours without the state reacting. What would you do? In my understanding, he did exactly what any normal state should do with the camerawork and the dealers. If the state condemns it, it will be its complicity in harassing an innocent citizen who has defended himself from what the corrupt state is not. even if they had a state behind them. ”

A similar murder took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina in August, when juvenile Ejub D. took justice in his own hands because he wanted to protect his ax-stricken brother from those who had intercepted them for years and mistreated. The reason for the conflict was similar, for years he and his family were harassed, Ejub and his brother wanted to end it once. The people of BiH are inert, and no event can stir up that petrified mass to have an attitude about something, and especially to express their position publicly. These killings also ‘killed’ the perpetrators, destroying their future and the exuberance of their families.

The question is, would Philip and Ejub commit murder if the institutions of the system protected them at the right time and in the right way? It remains to be hoped that these terrible events will be an alarm for those who are there to protect citizens, so that they themselves are not forced to take justice into their own hands.

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