In Serbia, another person has died, 201 new cases of infection, from the coronary virus. Kisic: And Vucic in isolation if he was with his son

In the past 24 hours, one person died in Serbia as a result of the coronary virus, while doctors have registered another 201 cases of the infection, it was announced today.

Deputy Director of the Batut Institute Darija Kisic Tepavcevic said at a news conference that the total number of victims of the virus corona was 66, and that a total of 2,867 were infected with the virus. The patient who died is a male.

Of the total deaths, 49 were men and 17 were women. The average age of the deceased is 64.3 years and at the moment the mortality rate in Serbia is 2.3 percent.

There are 127 patients on respirators.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, 1,586 judi were tested.

Kon: Increase in number of slow-tested slowdowns, Kisic: And Vucic in isolation if he was with son

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon said today that the number of individuals tested is slowly increasing, but that “we do not have the capacity to respond to such pressure of a sudden increase in positive cases.”

Cohn said at a news conference at the Palace of Serbia that it was planned “as announced,” but that “someone thought he could test three times as many people as he could essentially.”

According to him, preparation for a state of emergency was poor, as it was assumed that more massive testing was possible.

“If someone says he can do three times more (to test), that counts, and when he says he can’t do that much, then what will you do,” Kon said.

Speaking about the weekend when the movement would be banned, he said that the profession agreed to prevent contacts, as he said, “should be banned completely” and added that what would be done with the measures after the weekend.

Cohn said the epidemiologists he spoke with were in favor of extending the ban measure.

“We will wait to see what the numbers are in the coming days, whether we have any effect. If it becomes clear that there is a fall, we will consider whether it is most necessary and propose an appropriate decision,” he said.

Deputy Director of the Batut Institute Darija Kisic Tepavcevic said that all persons who had symptoms of the coronary virus had been tested, but that “mass testing” was still not sufficiently possible due to staff shortages.

She stated that sometimes due to capacity there is a delay in testing and waiting for results.

Kisic said that, according to the plan, the construction of the Kovid Special Laboratory would be completed over the weekend, that it would be able to do 2,000 tests a day and that the lab was expected to start working by the end of the week.

She said that there are 38 infected in Kosovo Serb communities and that they are mild forms of the disease.

She added that experts are satisfied with the control of the spread of the infection in Kosovo.

Asked if Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic should be placed in isolation after announcing on Wednesday that his son had been infected with the virus, Kisic Tepavcevic said the procedure was the same for everyone, and that he should be housed if was in close contact with the infected.

The Cabinet of the President announced earlier today that he will visit Nis on Friday, where he will be handing out equipment to fight the virus’s corona.

Source: Beta Agency


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