In BiH, people in need, who are on the Employment Bureau, launched FB page: We want one-time help from the Bureau

On the FB page “We want one-off help from the Bureau” it says WAKE UP, DON’T LET SOMEONE VOTE. SHARE NEEDS WE NEED 20,000.

Mentioned FB Page was created because of people who have been on the bureau for years, who have been without income and have so far worked in the black (which is no longer an option, due to isolation). Nobody saves or mentions these people, the only relief is that their reporting deadline has been delayed by a month. These are people in need, with varying degrees of education. On the aforementioned page, it can be noticed that they are monitoring the donations and the borrowing of citizens from the IMF.

Image from Fb page. Help arrived from Turkey

These people are in a state of despair and in the margins of society, a forgotten category of people during the epidemic. It’s “Bureau of Paradise”, but it’s not a satirical FB page, but a page of desperate people whose fridges are said to be empty and do not have to pay the bills and those who are completely hopeless. On the FB page as pointed out it says:

“Thank you to everyone who joined. Let us speak to this isolationist, how do these politicians think that a people who are not well-off live up to May, maybe even June. so they were sort of on the per diems, everybody was talking about some money that would help the economy, what about this people at the bureau why don’t we get one-off help from the bureau? millions are mentioned for cars, salaries of politicians, etc. We want to give one-time assistance to the people at the bureau, because if one is hungry, one can do anything. Let’s go to a group and petition to help the people at the bureau, in many countries citizens are exempted from paying electricity and other taxes, and what to pay the BiH citizens who are in the bureau. As soon as we gather 20,000 followers, we start with a petition.

The explanation reads: “In all normal societies, there is a category of population that is in social need, but they are helped in such a way that their dignity is not violated. It seems to me and correct me if I am mistaken that only a few nylon bags are brought to us by needy people. food and be sure to take pictures, pictures are given to the public indicating who and to whom the party is a “benefactor” making it difficult for these people and such a difficult position by putting them on a pillar of shame. pockets “.


Image from Fb Site: Izetbegovic, Dodik and Covic Agree to Borrow BiH € 330 Million


Further on, the group is given a Government deadline to respond:

“We give the Government a deadline of April 30th to answer us, otherwise we all go to the protests on April 30th, share everyone we go on April 30th everyone to the mass protests, invite all your friends to join to gather as many as possible, cover the page This is going to be a historic day in BiH, we have nothing to lose, folks now is the time to show that you are all good enough by dividing you into all groups and inviting all your friends. WE GO TO THE END “.


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