Hasan Kafi Pruščak

Hasan Kafi Pruščak (November/December 1544 – 9 October 1615) was a Bosnian Hanafi scholar, philosopher, historian, writer, poet, Maturidi theologianphilologist and “qadi” (judge) who studied in Bosnia and Istanbul.[3][4]

He is considered to be the most significant figure of the area’s scientific, cultural and intellectual life in the 16th and early 17th centuries, as well as one of the most important Bosniak thinkers.[5]

BirthHe was born in 1544 in Prusac, studied in Istanbul, and from 1583 he was a judge of Prusac.[6][7]
WorksBasis of Wisdom on the Organization of the World is the most significant of his seventeen works. In this work, Pruščak deals with the key issues of the Ottoman Empire at the time and the study was meant to: “help the rulers, guide the viziers, be a role-model for the wise and support for the poor.”[8]
BackgroundPruščak hailed from the village Prusac near the Bosnian town of Donji Vakuf. He attended elementary school in Prusac before relocating to Istanbul where he studied for nine years. He returned to his hometown in 1575.He went on the Hajj to Mecca in 1591.

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