FBiH Chamber of Commerce President: I’m positive for coronavirus, they tested me at my insistence

Federation of BiH Chamber of Commerce President Mirsad Jasarspahic confirmed to Klix.ba that he is positive for coronavirus. Healthcare in Sarajevo Canton decided only yesterday, at his insistence, to test it, despite telling them that he had contact with the person confirmed to have a coronavirus infection on March 13th.

Just yesterday, a sample was taken for testing and sent to the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS), who confirmed that he was another coronavirus positive person in Sarajevo. The President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina told us that he has been in home isolation since the coronavirus infection was confirmed to Director Igman Djavid Muratbegovic.

“I had contact with him on March 13, 2020 and immediately went into isolation. Given that other people from the FBiH Chamber of Commerce had contact with Murtbegovic and they put themselves in house isolation and work from home. I insulated myself properly in the apartment so that I would only stay in one room and use one toilet, all to keep the rest of the family safe, “Jasarspahic said.

According to him, it was unfortunately yesterday that he was able to test himself, since it is 14 days after he was put into home isolation and made contact with a person infected with coronavirus.

“We insisted and they came yesterday, took a swab, and last night they informed me that the finding was positive. They told me that I was not ill, but that the finding was still positive,” Jasarspahic said.

We asked Jasarspahic if it was true that he had insisted on testing for coronavirus since the beginning of the house isolation, and that the authorities were saying that there was no need for it.

“I am a machinist and I am not of this profession. I appreciate every profession. According to the regulation, I contacted a family doctor who did all the applications for me and every day he had information about whether I had a fever or not. One day a woman from the Public Bureau called me health or epidemiology services and I explained to her how I acted. I asked if I would get tested and I was told, ‘Nothing if you don’t have any symptoms yet. We’ll be online.’ said Jasarspahic.

He added that he continued to work online through home isolation to see what problems the economy was facing because of the new coronavirus situation.

“I was especially following the group that was on March 13 at a meeting in the FBiH Chamber of Commerce and they are fine. Everyone was testing except for me. Even the gentleman from Tesanj who sat next to Murtbegovic received a finding negative for the coronavirus. I had an obligation to I warn everyone I contacted and even the TVs I hosted. I told them all that I was in isolation and that they were waiting for me to be tested, “Jasarspahic said.

Source: klix.ba

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