Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo: We will not do autopsies until we have the equipment

SARAJEVO, (Patria) – The Sarajevo School of Medicine has finally announced a problem with autopsies for coronavirus infected people. A few years ago, the Institute of Forensic Medicine was established within the Faculty of Medicine, and as of March 25 this year, the Prosecution of KS did not follow the autopsy of the deceased Advija Kanlic, who confirmed the coronary virus after her death.

The Faculty of Medicine states that their forensic professor (Nermin Sarajlić op.a.), who performs autopsies, performs them in those infected with hepatitis B and C and tuberculosis and other infectious and serious diseases because he did not know before they were infected , has neither adequate lounge, nor disinfection equipment, nor ventilation equipment, nor the necessary bone saw with a vacuum chamber, not even a fair face mask, say FFP3, let alone all the other expensive equipment that is necessary and that does not protect not only the producer but also the whole environment.

“By the way, there is not a single room throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina that meets at least the minimum prescribed criteria for the safe conduct of autopsies of COVID 19. There are standard guidelines and lists of equipment needed by the World Health Organization, the US CDC, ICRC, me and many other esteemed institutions. Of everything listed there, we have nothing. And we don’t even have enough certified court experts. There are only 7 of them in the Federation, of which only one at the Faculty of Medicine. To whom Skrijelj and the others will throw trees and stones when put in isolation or in the hospital after the first autopsy, ”the Faculty of Medicine said.

They claim that, even in Germany, with all the equipment and personnel they have, the autopsies of COVID 19 deaths are not being done because it was recommended by the Robert Koch State Institute of Public Health and there are well-founded medical reasons.

“In fact, some autopsies, contrary to decisions and recommendations, were made in Hamburg. Of the 5,354 virus coronary deaths in Germany, 54 autopsies were performed in a specialty autopsy room for infectious cases.

And we would love to have the equipment that German colleges and hospitals have. Škrijelj’s statement that ‘individuals and institutions could ensure that the School of Medicine has a modern forensic department’ is only a matter of concern. For years we have been looking for ‘individuals and institutions’ at home and abroad, writing projects on equipping the Forensic Institute, to no avail.

They state that the money was for hospitals to prepare and equip them to reduce the risk to a reasonable extent.

“Unfortunately, there is no money for our autopsy room, and we understand that, because it is now more important for a person to save his life than to show him exactly what he died of. We, the other doctors, are also exposed to daily risk in times of pandemic, but this is the job we have chosen. However, all of us, and that is our job, know how to assess the risks and the expected benefit of what we do. Autopsies are needed not only for the sake of the family and any court proceedings, but also for understanding the disease and the progress of treatment. On the other hand, the risk of autopsy of a respiratory infection death, among other things, due to the necessary opening of the lungs to release surviving viruses, is significant, and cannot, without expensive equipment, be confined to the room where the autopsy is performed. With all the precautions in place and without the necessary equipment, it is likely that the virus will ‘escape’ outside the hall and the building. And then what? We are dealing with healing, not killing, ”they conclude from the School of Medicine.

What remains unclear is why member of the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health, Goran Cerkez, said that he did not need any special equipment and that there were no obstacles to autopsies of the deceased coronaviruses.

Patria / Balkantimes.press

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