Employers: lay off 40,000 workers on April 1st! The state and governments have money, billions, who will give it to them? Video!

April 1st is key, layoffs follow! 40-50 thousand workers will lose their jobs!

Already, more than 5,000 have been reported to the bureau! How much money do we have? Total savings of citizens and companies in FBiH is KM 12-13 billion!

Banks in FBiH Have 3.5 Billion Money, RS $ 500 Million! 3.5 billion need to be released to help the economy, there is no emotion here. What if foreign banks withdraw money to their home countries by saving themselves and not us?

We doubt it, banks are liquid and stable, that’s our money. The cantons now have a billion for cases like this, every ministry, every government has to divert budget funds for these needs, that’s billions! Funds need to be formed, and that’s billions!

We ask that VAT and all taxes not be paid. The state to take part of the wages of workers Smailbegovic: For example – The salary of workers is 1,000 KM, in this situation we need to reduce it to 700, 350 of which are given by the employer, and 350 by the state, just so there will be no dismissal! What about loans to businesses and individuals, citizens? A decision has been made, not yet announced: banks will evaluate clients for triage and moratorium. Echo: I disagree!

We must not let banks decide who is at risk and who is not! Urgently provide everyone with a moratorium on both businesses and citizens. Need to make a legal decision to delay the loan payment from 6-12 months! Smailbegovic: Banks need to decide on each client separately! There is no need to save those companies that are on their knees and are not meeting their obligations, they are dead why invest in them!

A delay month is enough! Echo: NO! We risk it! Banks can become owners of all this … on the planet. 2/3 of BiH companies are in trouble – Council of Ministers, state asleep. Senad: Do you know the secret information of the Central Bank, how much money citizens and companies have withdrawn from their account in 14 days? You don’t know? 300 million marks and 70 million euros!

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