Embassy of Pakistan: Concerned about Radoncic’s inappropriate statement

The Embassy of Pakistan issued a press release responding to yesterday’s statement by BiH Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic, stating that if there was no cooperation on migrants, he would also demand that the Pakistani ambassador be declared a “persona non grata”.

“The Embassy of Pakistan regards his statement as inappropriate and unjustified. His remark that calling the ambassador of Pakistan (Khalid Rao) a person of ‘non grata’ is also deeply worrying. The Embassy of Pakistan is well aware of the problem of illegal migrants from Pakistan. We remain in touch with our authorities in Pakistan, as In fact, the Embassy has always been responsive to the BiH Aliens Service regarding the screening of Pakistani nationals and offered emergency travel travel documents, as a result, of 73 Pakistani migrants who were willing to return. have been to their homes from May 2019 to March 2020, ”the embassy said.

The Pakistani ambassador further alleged that on January 30, 2020, he invited Radoncic to his office to discuss the issue of illegal migrants and agreed to exchange information and expand co-operation. However, the deportation of migrants was never discussed during the meeting.

“Bearing in mind unfounded and false statements or remarks by Mr. Radoncic, the Ambassador called on today Mr. Sefik Dzaferovic, Chairman of the BiH Presidency and Biser Turkovic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, and expressed concern. Both officials assured the ambassador that they would deal with this situation and that no one would be concerned. it will not be allowed to create a wedge between strong friendships built over the years between Pakistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina, “the embassy said.

Pakistan, further stated, attaches great importance to relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We are therefore concerned about Mr Radoncic’s unjust statement. We hope that the BiH authorities will issue clarifications on his unjustified statement,” the embassy of Pakistan said.

Dzaferovic said during a meeting with the Pakistani ambassador that threats to diplomats in our country were unacceptable.

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