Dr. Zehra and wife Dr. Pašagić: Unforgivable mistakes Dr. Sebia! Self-proclaimed General! She’s cursing!

She attacks those who have been worth it in her life, I was the first to treat Alia, I’m sorry that his last name is soiled, that Eight can confirm everything!

I don’t remember Sebia from the studio! Dr. Sebia banished all doctors from KCUS! She refused to treat patients and that baby! She threw a curse at me, it’s hypocrisy!

The prosecution should deal with her curses! Sebia holds everything in her hands, she’s a self-proclaimed General! Holds KCUS, the Chamber of Medicine and the College of Medicine! She chooses her own people to snatch licenses from other doctors! She’s better at her profession, she’s a gynecologist! Doctors run away from the system more than from the Crown!

Doctors must listen to Sebia, they must not have their self, because they would get fired! I did not treat Dr. Pasagic, and now I’m sorry I didn’t! Pasagic was killed by a system that was shut down, not by the Crown! Elna Pašagić: We would be happy if dr. Dizdarevic treated my husband, he would be among us! Yes, the family will sue!

Why does KCUS only mention dr. Dizdarevic, why doesn’t the investigation extend to all the other doctors ?! They will set up both witnesses and prosecutors and a verdict! It was as if my husband was disturbing the system! Just imagine, he was measuring his temperature and then waiting two hours for medication! No one called us to ask how we were, believe us we received more calls from abroad than from our country! We have lost our whole family by the mistake of the health system!

Doctors need to break away from politics! Doctors, unite, we are fighting to prevent this from happening again!

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