City of Sarajevo commemorates the 26h anniversary of Markale Market massacre

SARAJEVO, February 5 (FENA) – Sarajevo today remembers all the innocent victims who dies by giving their lives for their homeland, it was said today at a joint commemorative session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, the City Council of Sarajevo and the municipal councils held on the occasion of the Remembrance Day honoring the killed citizens of Sarajevo during the war from 1992 to 1995 and the 26th anniversary of the murder of our fellow citizens in the massacre at Markale Market.

A large number of members of the families of the killed, representatives of associations, public dignitaries and the diplomatic corps attended a session opened by the Assembly Speaker, Mirza Čelik, saying that on that sad day, 26 years ago, 68 Sarajevans were killed and 142 were wounded.

Writer Amina Šiljak-Jesenković remembered the life of the Sarajevo inhabitants during the wartime days in the besieged city, especially referring to the events at Markale Market on February 5.

She emphasized that those were the days when the citizens of Sarajevo had already mastered the concept of wartime living and that they were truly skillful in the manner they chose to deal with their situation.

She also remembered that in the news at the time worldwide, news presenters called it disturbing footage and that the victims had no names.

“Today, I witness 11,541 empty places in the homes of Sarajevo, more than 1,600 empty chairs in Sarajevo kindergartens and schools. We have given up on tears long time ago,” concluded Šiljak-Jesenković in her address.

Source: Fena

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