Citizens upset over suspicion that one of Covid 19’s sick in Sarajevo, who was in house isolation, has passed away this morning!

On March 20, 2020, our portal published an article that one person was taken out during the day on suspicion of contracting coronavirus. person. Another person was taken in the evening. More at the link:

What’s going on at Cengic Villa? Emergency Sirenees Howling, Children’s Playground Disinfection in the Middle of the Night – VIDEO!

Immediately after the publication of our article, it was reported that three people were infected with this coronaviral virus in Sarajevo, and that they had a mild clinical picture and were most likely to be released home for self-isolation. These were also the first three infected persons in Sarajevo.

In the following days, one of the locations from which the person was taken that day came from civil protection, as well as persons in white overalls and an ambulance. It alluded to the fact that the diseased person was already in isolation in his apartment.

This upset the neighbors, who took photos of the events and sent photos to our newsroom. Citizens who saw with their own eyes what was going on were upset because the authorities did not, as was later the case, in which settlement the infected person was located. Believing that this was a lighter clinical picture, we did not deal with this, until this morning we received a report and a photo of the burial company of Bakija, who, according to neighbors, removed the body from the above entrance at around 9am.


The picture shows that Baki’s employee had a protective suit, as had everyone who had visited that entrance before.

If it is an infected one and it is too much in home isolation the situation is really alarming. It would be good for the competent authorities to inform the citizens about this.

Citizens’ suspicions are also confirmed by a van that appeared a few hours after the man was driven away in a funeral vehicle. Out of the van came a team of people scouring the haustor and in front of the entrance to the deceased’s building (video)






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