Children of the first Coronavirus victim in Sarajevo: Six days the health system has denied us! Emergency comes with Driver only Video!

Ehlimana and Nezir: They killed our mother because they didn’t test her on time!

They came, tested me, and his brother and wife didn’t and don’t want to test them! We are in isolation in a 30 square meter apartment, four of us! After the death of our mother, we learned from the media that she was positive for Coronavirus, we were told she was negative!

It is not true that her company secretary has been tested or infected! No one from the mother company and the environment has been tested!

They didn’t even ask us who we contacted or where we were going! The lie is that we were in Italy, we didn’t go anywhere, neither did my mother after the onset of symptoms! The mother had a temperature of up to 42 degrees, they did not want to leave her in the hospital or come for her!

The only advice from the doctors we received for 6 days was to take her temperature off with Voltaren. Before her death, her arms and legs became numb, she could not stand on her own feet, she had no strength, she was raving and losing consciousness and breath. At my insistence they sent an ambulance, but only with the driver, I reanimated it myself in the hospital car by massaging my heart.

Only today announced that the body is in the morgue at Bar, they do not know what to do! The prosecutor ordered an autopsy, but in Bar they refuse because they have no equipment and do not know how to proceed! We will bury her only after the autopsy!

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