Čerkez: For the holiday, restrict movement for ages 65 and under 18 and after 20 hours

SARAJEVO, (Patria) – Goran Cerkez, assistant federal minister for public health and member of the Crisis Staff, said a session of the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health was held this morning, where they prepared a set of measures in light of the epidemiological situation.

“The Covid-19 epidemic has not disappeared and we need to be aware of and adhere to the measures of especially personal self-protection. May Day is ahead of us, and the proposal will be to suspend the movement of persons 65 years and under 18 during May 1, 2 and 3 and to restrict movement after 20 hours in the same period. We have looked at the situation and the situation and it would be very difficult to control the gatherings that are not allowed, as the interior ministries cannot. Today we have 94 new cases in BiH, we think that this risk would be unnecessary, so these measures would be valid for these three days of holidays, “said Cerkez.

On the website of the Institute of Public Health, we have established a platform for self-assessment of the health condition, the goal is to educate the population to recognize the symptoms of the infection.

“In addition to the May Day holidays, we also considered the situation for the coming period. We are aware that we will have certain peaks and certain trends, we must establish life gradually in a controlled manner and whether we will have to return the measures primarily for the weekend depends on the citizens, “said Cerkez.

He said the Ministry’s Crisis Staff has recommended to the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters to open wholesale and retail stores next week, to give health facility managers an even better opportunity to come to health care facilities.

“It is very important that we enabled small crafts to come back, to bring life back. It will be very important to respect the measures of how many people can be in the trade, what are the measures. We expect these actions to be ready by mid-next week, ”Cherkes explained.

Asked if the FBiH would provide rapid tests with regard to border crossings, Cerkez said they did not use the measure.

“In view of citizens’ inputs and the whole epidemiological situation, we have abolished the quarantine and prescribed another measure restricting movement. The question is what measures will be needed when leaving BiH for EU countries and for citizens to enter. We will have to consider this, and rapid tests have not proven to be reliable in any other country, “said the Assistant Minister.

Whether there were cases of coronavirus returning to persons who had already recovered was one of the questions.

“We didn’t have cases, but we had negative tests, so in some other tests they were positive.”

Cirkez said people who were cured of coronavirus were considered to have two negative tests for the virus within 48 hours.

“The vaccine does not exist yet, prevention is not the only measure of self-care and distance. The treatment of treatment inside the hospital is done in the same way as in the case of influenza. We consider each person cured after two negative tests within 48 hours. This is our criterion as which is everywhere in the world, “Cherkez said.

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