This is exactly what we are interested in and we want to meet you. We are a Portal that is constantly on the rise and now we have an established international presence. We need great ideas during our growing internationalization of development, marketing, sales, our services. It means a number of exciting possibilities for you.
Our slogan is “People are in the first place.” they form the basis of everything we do. We shape the future of our well-established and innovative News and Curiosities from the Region and the World that values teamwork and collaboration. We pride ourselves on our useful work because we develop services and solutions that are best when practically unnoticed: services that are easy to use. In this way, we make it easier for healthcare professionals to focus on the individual needs of their patients.

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Who are We?
“Balkantimes” acts in accordance with the principles of independent, impartial and professional reporting by a news agency … “and must not” … be subjected to any influence that could compromise the accuracy, objectivity or credibility of its information … “nor”. .. whether real or legal, they come under the ownership or other control of the interests of an ideological, political or economic group.
The independence of “Balkantimes” is reflected in particular (…) in financial independence (…) in the right to regulate, through its bodies, its internal organization and mode of operation (…) in the right of journalists to give opinions when appointing editor-in-chief.
Manager and Marketing director: Dejan Marinkovic

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