Čampara: In 100 days I will overthrow the Canton Government if it is bad! VIDEO!

It is impossible for the SDA Cantonal Committee to remain, citizens will punish us in local elections! We have complained to the Presidency and the President, I cannot believe that Bakir can say after all this that everything is legal! The election must be repeated! Do you think Bakir will annul the election and get his wife out of the game ?!

Dr. Seka has done good things, but she is not sinless: doctors should not have been dismissed, led by Dr. Gavrankapetanovic. There is one stain, echoes – they didn’t want to treat the girl Nadin! Would you, father, draw a gun at a doctor? It’s a child, I don’t justify, I don’t know …

Seka will not want this for you! Allah gives nafak, people dream and God determines … Fahro will not halal you? Someone from the top of the SDA faked Fahri to attack me in Avaz! Who, Bakir? Fahro is a textbook example of hypocrisy! He defends SDA, Seku and Bakir from me? I don’t know how Bakir halaled his mention of his mother in Avaz and the video!

This story is just getting started! Sarajlic will not stay informally, he is eliminated! SDA is a river that collects everything! I was for Efendic, he will win again! What if the SDA fails in the local elections? What about the ambitions of Dubravko’s brother, Zvizdic’s cousin? Conflict between Izetbegovic and Čampara’s families? What if you were expelled from the SDA?

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