Bosnia’s betrayal: Schmidt compared himself with Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph

Received a lot of concerned questions from people all across Europe as to the current explosive situation in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia’s betrayal: Christian Schmidt compared himself with Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph. Photo: Aljazeera

People are in shock as they just simply cannot understand the fact that the international community facilitated this backstabbing of the Bosnian people: for the second time in almost thirty years…

To cut the story short, German diplomat Christian Schmidt, currently holding the office of The High Representative – de facto the boss of the country on behalf of the international community – implemented highly illiberal changes to the election laws of Bosnia just moments after the polls closed last Sunday.

Thereby he delivered a monopoly on power to a minor group of Kremlin-backed secessionist nationalist parties. Enabling them to block Bosnia’s progressive majority. Deeping the post-war system of institutionalized segregation of Bosnia. Cementing apartheid in the heart of Europe.

Thereby he effectively lets Bosnia be torn apart by the Russian-backed nationalist governments of Croatia and Serbia. Not only has it caused outrage in Bosnian society, but it has also severely – if not fatally – damaged the peacekeeping institute. A well-known target in Russia’s diplomatic proxy wars in the Balkans.

Christian Schmidt’s impartiality was already gone the moment he accepted The Order of Ante Starcevic. A Croatian national decoration, named after the founding father of Croatian nationalism, and which was also given to war criminals like Jadranko Prlic, Mate Boban, etc. And lately, mister Schmidt even compared himself in an interview with Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph…

The damage done by the current High Representative to the international diplomacy in the country, as well as to the Bosnian people themselves, will take years to repair. Granted that the community acts directly and swiftly. This is an absolute catastrophe and beyond shame for Europe…

Brave  covert the topic during an interview with Schmidt.

Office of the High Representative

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