BiH Presidency Chairman: EU has to prove its ambitions in Western Balkans first

European Union (EU) officials expressed ambition about the European Commission playing a stronger geopolitical role in the world, said Bosnia Presidency member Zeljko Komsic, adding that one of the first regions where the Union has to prove that is the Western Balkans.

Along with other Western Balkan leaders, Komsic attended an informal dinner in Brussels on Sunday at the invitation of European Council President Charles Michel.

The meeting was also attended by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and chief of EU diplomacy Josep Borell.

“Each head of delegations briefly explained the position of their respective countries about their countries’ EU paths. The EU officials emphasised the ambition about the new European Commission playing some sort of a stronger geopolitical role in the world. If that’s so, then one of the first regions to prove that is the Western Balkan region,” Komsic told N1, following the Brussels meeting.

“Of course, all countries of the Western Balkans are in a different phase and have different problems. Most of us focused on the matter of new methodology, the regional cooperation potentials. And what does that mean, does that change something? A large majority welcomed a new methodology, and when we speak about regional cooperation, not everyone probably think about the same,” he added.

According to him, the Presidents of Serbia and Albania pushed the talks on Mini Schengen, special movement regulations within the region, but representatives of Bosnia and Montenegro did not find it acceptable due to unresolved border issues.

“Besides, Bosnia and Herzegovina have signed agreements with all countries in the region, except Kosovo, enabling the border crossover with ID card only,” said Komsic.

European Union reiterated unequivocal support to the Western Balkans and its officials announced stronger support to political, economic and social changes in the region. A strong, stable and united Europe is the final goal, it was said in the meeting.

“I used to attend meetings in this format before and they looked a lot more depressive, but it seems like the new EU administration is showing the will to demonstrate it is capable of taking over a more geopolitical role, after everything that was happening with the EU especially after the Brexit,” said Bosnia Presidency Chairman.

According to him, one of the highlights of the meeting was the start of the accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania, which is seen as good news for the whole region.

“As for Bosnia and Herzegovina and our status, the European Commission’s Opinion and 14 recommendations and conclusions matter the most, which is the essence of what Bosnia and Herzegovina needs. I used this opportunity to ask the senior officials to say if that’s it, and I sign every single word in the EC Opinion’s recommendations and conclusions, then please stick to that, don’t apply double standards as we used to have in the past,” stressed Komsic, adding that this was not a simple task for Bosnia but will improve the situation in the country.

Commenting on the current crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, caused by the decision of the Serb leadership to withdraw from the decision-making process at the state level over a court ruling that assessed as unconstitutional a law in the Serb-majority region, Komsic said he did not mention this during the Brussels meeting.

“Don’t think that (the Serb leader and member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency) Milorad Dodik is so important here in Brussels and that someone pays attention to him,” he added.

Immediately after Komsic’s departure to Brussels, Dodik sent a letter to the host, informing him that whatever Zeljko Komsic says in the meeting is not the official stance of Bosnia and Herzegovina as he cannot speak on behalf of the country.

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