Allah call who He will

In 1991, Mike Tyson was imprisoned for rape, Mike Tyson was placed in the most dangerous prison ever with the most dangerous criminals and murderers, just being in it is a death sentence, there you are at risk of being killed at any moment!!

Mike Tyson, Photo: Social Media

Despite that, a special cell was assigned to Tyson and he was isolated from everyone for protection, not to protect him from them. but to protect them from him!!

Mike Tyson was called “the most dangerous man on the planet!!”

When Tyson was released, Mike converted to Islam and called himself Malik Abdulaziz.


(And he said in a television program): If they spoke to me about Islam before I went to prison, it would be impossible for me to be convinced of it.

My life was tumultuous, full of pleasures, ladies, alcohol, and pleasures… I entered prison at that time, my ego broke, and my soul began to clear up, and I began to feel lonely and lonely, and only Islam saved me from it. ..

I began to pray every obligatory duty and with every obligatory prayer, I feel that the loneliness is gone…Sometimes I tell myself imprisonment is torment and punishment, but it is a small price in front of my entering Islam.

SINGAPORE PRESIDENT: Singapore passport has become the most expensive passport in the world

… If they chose me between imprisonment with Islam and to remain luxurious as I was without Islam, I would have chosen prison … I committed a sin, not because Islam is imperfect, but because I am weak and Islam came to complete the shortcomings …

Source: Social Media

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