A true story: The train that is still waiting for its owner

It is the train created by Sultan Abdelhamid Second to connect the entire Islamic world in one track to Mecca. When we were one nation when there was no border between Muslim countries and no entry visa

When we were a nation, there is no difference between Arab, Turkish, Barbari, Habshi, Kurdish or Turkmani

When nothing but Islam connects us, we will be returned to him and we will be enemies. And we live and die for him..

At that time, the idea of connecting the countries of this nation and each other was developed, which is what I historically knew as (Hijaz Railway)

It is a railway that walks by a train that connects the Islamic Nation’s head, which is able to travel from Egypt to the Sham to Mecca and the city, to Istanbul, and to Algeria and Morocco.

And you can imagine that it is now already implemented between European countries!!

HIDDEN HISTORY: The New World Order and the Fall of the Ottoman Empire

That was in the era of the Ottoman Khalifa Abdul Hamid Al-Hani, especially in 1900 AD, where a decision was issued to start the creation of the Al-Hajaz Iron Line, so this decision was a favorite of the whole nation.

The Ottoman Khalifa called on every Muslim to donate to this huge project, which would cost eight million lire and will be done by five thousand workers.

Muslims from every corner and corner of the Caliphate and donations were received from Muslims of China, Malays, India, Egypt, Sham, and all around the Caliphate until it reached millions of different currencies and gold pieces.

And indeed the construction was completed in 1908.

The train was launched in overwhelming happiness for every Muslim who loves his religion and his nation, where this train facilitated the communication of the Muslim nation, and facilitated the arrival of pilgrims to the Holy House of Allah in just five days, and with passenger breaks in different countries.

Until this train and railroad were destroyed in World War I in 1915, the Caliphate was eliminated, divided Muslim countries, and placed borders between them.

The train in the middle of the desert is still waiting for its owner until now

So when is it coming back?

Not going back until we go back to the way we used to be

Back when we were great

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