40 Years After: Sarajevo Olympic Week

Sarajevo Olympic Week: A cultural and sporting event that combines tradition and contemporary challenges…

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Please note that entrance to all events from February 9 to 13 is open to all visitors! You can follow the program and information about the activities on social networks.

Sarajevo, known as the city that hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics, proudly announces Sarajevo Olympic Week, an event that will take place from February 9 to 13. This manifestation is a combination of sports activities, panel discussions, artistic performances, and exhibitions. The activities of this year’s Sarajevo Olympic Week will take place in five different locations – Olympic Museum Sarajevo, Wilson Promenade @ Sarajevo Street Food Market, Dom Mladih, European House of Culture and National Minorities (former Austrian House), and Bjelašnica.

Five days of fellowship will begin with a series of panel discussions that will explore various aspects of cultural diplomacy, connecting sports and culture, building sports cities, cooperation between the private sector and civil society, and sustainability in sports. The special guest and keynote speaker is Elmir Ćerimagić, an expert who will provide a scientific view of sports. His contribution will further enrich the variety and seriousness of the topics that will be discussed during the panel.

Sarajevo Olympic Week also opens a platform for young artists through a graphic design competition with the task of creating a poster to mark the 40th anniversary of the Olympics and Sarajevo Olympic Week, using the motifs of posters and emblems from the time of ZOI 84. The works of registered artists will be presented at the exhibition, allowing them to show their talent and creativity.

In addition to the exhibition of works by graphic designers, the audience will also enjoy the exhibition of digital art in the European House of Culture and National Minorities (former Austrian House). The exhibition will show the beauty of the natural mountain areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina through various formats, providing visitors with an insight into the natural resources of our country.

The food market on Wilson’s Promenade will be the epicenter of entertainment, but also the place where the Sarajevo Olympic Rink will be presented. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in an open competition in curling, hockey, a skill range, curling for little ones a sledding showcase, and many other contents.

For those who are eager for a famous Sarajevo pastime, Garden of Dreams and Sarajevo Olympic Week are organizing an audio-visual spectacle led by Swede Ida Engberg on February 9 at the Youth Center. You can find tickets at www.kupikartu.ba

Sarajevo Olympic Week promises five days of unforgettable experiences, combining the spirit of sport with the rich cultural heritage of this city. All lovers of sports, art, and entertainment are invited to join and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this prestigious event. A special surprise is the promotion of new ambassadors, respected representatives of the Sarajevo Olympic Week idea.

Sarajevo Olympic Week is not just a festival and a memory of something that happened 40 years ago, but a story that wants the flame of Sarajevo to be lit again. This project ignites the flame of love for sports, culture, art, and togetherness, so expect an exciting February filled with content for all generations.

Please note that entrance to all events from February 9 to 13 is open to all visitors! You can follow the program and information about the activities on social networks.

Let’s make Sarajevo the city of the future, light the flame together, and let our light, the light of Sarajevo, illuminate the whole world. #KeepTheFlameAlive


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