You Need an Integrity Cleanse, Here’s Why and How To Do It

Vol I, Issue 2. Have you met Winfrey Oprah’s life coach yet?

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Meet Martha Beck, a great example of someone living life true to them.

She has a practice called “The Integrity Cleanse”. You can read more here (and practice it if you dare here.)

According to Beck, living in integrity “means expressing and doing what’s true for you in all situations. Depart from your truth in any way—offer a fake smile, flatter your awful boss, marry for money—and you become two people: the truth knower and the lie actor. That’s duplicity. And duplicity, not social noncompliance, is the real enemy of joy.”

If you don’t align with or understand this, practicing mindfulness and meditation can be extremely helpful in finding your truth.

The 3 Effs To Take Control

You might be able to relate with Martha as she acknowledges,

I’d been using my own self-help tools to live a life that was out of integrity. I had used them to cover my own fear, to avoid situations where I would have to speak up for myself, or where I might be perceived negatively. I had been coating all this behavior with a virtuous veneer, but really, to put it bluntly, I’d just been cowardly and dishonest.

The thought of staying in integrity constantly is TERRIFYING. It’s impossible to not hurt feelings, even if you just are being honest (and loving). 

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Is complete freedom worth these uncomfortable moments?

Is it worth it to potentially lose friends, familial relationships, perhaps even a job, or a relationship to live 100% in your truth?

I don’t know yet, I’ve only been a dabbler. I still choose social niceties over uncomfortable moments at least half of the time, but the more I speak up about what doesn’t align and move towards what does—the freer I feel. 

🛑 WARNING: Try this practice at your own risk. May produce extremely uncomfortable feelings at first and complete freedom in time.

What I See Coming For The Channel: 2021

Set an “integrity” alarm every hour and when it goes off ask yourself,

Where am I out of integrity?

“Where are you not feeling what you feel, knowing what you know, saying what you believe, and doing what feels most right? Once you’ve identified the duplicity, come back into integrity. Speak your truth. Act on it. No matter what.”

Do you speak your truth or opt for social niceties? Let me know in the comments 👇


📚 Reading:

  • Inner Engineering, Sadhguru
  • Doing The Work, Nicole LePera

🎧 Listening:

  • Roxanne Gay, Masterclass
  • Passion Nights: How to Practice Radical Candor without being an Asshole w/ Lila Smith…You can join too, register here!

🧘🏻‍♀️ Practicing:

  • Consistency
  • Deepening meditative state (30+ mins)
  • Integrity check-ins

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