World Exclusive, Dr. Djikic: The Coronavirus is Natural! The good news: it mutates a little, four times less than the flu!

One of the greatest scientists in the world, Dr. Ivan Djikic: The virus came from nature, comes from bats!

The common flu is mutating all the time, so we have to make new vaccines, the hope is that only one will be enough for the Crown! Trust the scientists! Over 60 percent of people with Corona have no symptoms at all!

The biggest problem is that it spreads quickly among people who have no symptoms! America is the focal point of the Corona for arrogance and unpreparedness, they took tests that were only 30 percent accurate!

There will be more viruses like this! The virus lives long, weatherproof, it won’t bother! Hot water, ionic radiation, UV rays, vitamins, food supplements – these are all very small influential methods to prevent your spread! It may mitigate the spread of the virus, but it certainly cannot stop it! Blame is a natural game and not a zero patient! You should avoid contacts, stay home and live normally. Can the Corona disappear overnight? SARS has disappeared in six months and has not expanded, Corona is expanding, that’s a problem! The biggest danger is when the virus enters homes, healthcare facilities, nursing homes! I fear for Africa and South America, but the population of Africa is young and the population of Europe is old, the Crown kills the elderly. Do we all need to get vaccinated? If the World Health Organization says we must-must! The vaccine – in just a year! By then, the virus will be completely isolated, may disappear or may not appear as a pandemic. The biggest reward is when I discover something new with students and say Eureka! I’m tied to Bosnia, Vrbas. Thank you to Sarajevo and Bosnia for supporting Zagreb when it was an earthquake, solidarity, we need it!

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