The Medicine of Love

The cure-all for your restlessness is to access your thirst to make a difference

This is the medicine of love.

What separates the failures from the masters, the successful ones?

It’s the ability to channel uncomfortable life experiences. To feel the angst, anger, and dissatisfaction. And then use that passion to create something incredibly meaningful.

The cure-all for your restlessness is to access your thirst to make a difference. This is the medicine of love. 

And so, the more hurt, angry, or dissatisfied you are, the better. 

Because negative emotion can be powerful fuel to propel you forward.

Let me explain:

I like to work with people who have gone through hard things because those experiences have created in them a passion for solving the problem.

These are the big people—the brilliant stars waiting to be set free.

I explain in this video.


Consider these people:

  • The loner child who spends all his time playing video games then becomes a young billionaire buying and selling Bitcoin.
  • The tortured young girl becomes a best-selling songwriter by channeling her pain into words that comfort millions.
  • The successful entrepreneur who figured out how to solve a problem then marketed the solution.

Last year during quarantine, I found myself feeling more angry and dissatisfied than I’d ever experienced.

These were confusing emotions considering that I’ve felt that we were entering into the greatest renaissance humankind had ever known.

But then it became clear–unrest leads to enormous discoveries. The emotional and physical carnage of COVID were necessary precursors to the rebirth of culture, art, and entrepreneurship.

When I was in my funk last year, I called Jeff Gomez to help me get unstuck. Jeff works with brilliant creatives every day on projects for brands like Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, and Disney.

He kicked my arse, but his words were the medicine I needed:

“Put away the trauma, the childish things. Then let your passion do the heavy lifting.” 

He was right. I used my own life coaching skills and am now experiencing the most exhilarating, productive time of my life.

Here are the steps to take to ensure your success:

  1. Understand that what you are feeling is essential. Turn it around–“I’m angry about this. Therefore it is important.”
  2. Agree with yourself. No judgments. Just validate that you are right.
  3. Permit yourself to do something about it. Especially if you make the people around you feel uncomfortable. They might prefer the status quo to your newfound energy, keep going. 

What “medicine” do you have that the world needs? What are you creating? 

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