The London Tower Bridge Incident!!

On 5th April 1968, a Royal Air Force, Hawker Hunter pilot, Allan Pollock performed unauthorized low flying across famous landmarks throughout #London

Royal Air Force, Hawker Hunter, Allan Pollock. Photo: social media

Pollock flew the Hawker Hunter through Tower Bridge which situates over the River Thames. Allan Pollock performed the maneuvers to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding against the RAF and a demonstration against the Ministry of #Defence for not recognizing it.

On that day, the aircraft was flown out of RAF Tangmere and Pollock flew low level across London. The Hawker Hunter circled Houses of #Parliament three times as a demonstration against the prime minister at the time, Harold Wilson, and the government.

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Allan chose to do this as the government had made cuts that impacted the RAF. The next landmark was over the Royal Air Force memorial where he dipped the wings. After, he then flew through Tower Bridge.

Also, Pollock flew low level across several airfields, which were; Dunsfold Aerodrome, Wattisham, Lakenheath, and finally, over Marham.

Pollock then arrived at #RAF West Raynham. After landing at RAF West Raynham, Allan Pollock was arrested and taken out of the RAF on medical grounds.
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