The 3 Effs To Take Control

Soon you won’t remember your miserable life–you’ll have better prospects than you had before

The scent of change is in the air. But it’s a “different change” (that’s like a double negative, which equals a positive.)

Are you easily bored? How does this relate to neurodiversity?

Wait. What does this mean for you?

The panic last year slowed us down, forcing us inside, imprisoned us even. And as much as we complained, we comfort-loving people got used to the predictability within our confines.

Enter a brand new season (literally and figuratively.)

It is Spring 2021, and signs of movement are everywhere. People are moving like crazy. Take the housing market in Texas: I have never seen anything like this before, ever. (By the way, welcome, all of you’ll from California.)

Neurodiversity- let’s embrace our ‘spiky profiles’

Career moves will be next

All that bottled-up restlessness is coming straight at you as the whole world does things. Lots of things. New things.

Which is all fine and good if you are the one making a move. But when things change around us, that can seriously upset the flow of our lives.

Enter… you with a worried face nervously asking:
“What does this mean for me?”

“What will happen next?”

“How do I manage this?”

As a life coach for almost twenty years helping people through stuff like this, and one who thoroughly despises changes inflicted on me, let me tell you the best way to feel back in control of your life when things are being upset around you. (If they aren’t yet, save this article; you’ll need it soon.)

Entrepreneurship, and neurodiversity – the SME partnership for 2021

For fun, let’s call them the three “F’s”:

Feel. Feel the grief. Look, I know. You didn’t want this. Wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and drink that bottle of wine. Or do whatever you do to get through things like this. But know this….you aren’t going to feel better until you get to the acceptance stage of grief. Because then, and only then, can you do something about it.

Fear. You are afraid that someone has taken something from you. Or forced you into something you don’t like. You’ll feel better when you realize that this is the big push from Momma Bird in the Sky to do that thing you were born to do. So lean into it, then do that thing.

Fly. Now you are the one back in control. Soon you won’t remember that x person made your life miserable by forcing this on you–you’ll be the one navigating–from a new, higher perspective, with better prospects than you had before.
One more thing to help you feel more in control and confident:
Evaluate your choices against what you know deep inside that you want to achieve. Often we have opposing objectives (i.e., job versus home-life or relationship versus self-respect). Make decisions considering all your dreams, not just one.

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