Telalović: Being a world tennis champion is not a pass to make rules / laws for yourself!

Novak Djokovic and Australia: What is unclear to people?

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If you’ve ever watched the Australian Border Control TV documentary, you know that Australia’s border police are the toughest.

For those who are unfamiliar, the application for a visa to enter Australia is stricter, so in addition to the application on landing you get another form and you have to answer a bunch of questions!

If YOU had given the wrong information you would not even smell the air in Australia and you would already be on the next flight where you came from. Australia is not the Balkans where the term “you know who I am” is all you need to do on your own!

If Australia decides tomorrow to revoke the right to stay in Australia for the world tennis champion, it will not be for some unjustified reason, but based on the fact that his application contains some false information.

So ask yourself, if you had done that, would you have been spared?

Novak issued a statement

At the end of the day, no matter who filled out any application you or your agent, no one but you can sign and sign a statement on your behalf that all information is correct. The responsibility is always on you, and so in this case.

And my Australians obviously forgot that because of these same COVID measures they were denied freedom of movement, they could not leave Australia to visit sick parents in BiH, they could not come to the funeral of their loved ones, and we in BiH were no different, restrictions have been in force for 18 months when it comes to moving in Europe – being a world tennis champion is not a pass to make your own rules/laws!

Instead of spitting on Australia, you should be proud to live in such a country, and everyone in the corrupt Balkans should admire that there is one country at the end of the world where laws apply equally to everyone and where there is no “you know who I am!”

I am a proud Australian and Bosnian who now lives in a country “you know who I am”!

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