Solak: I have not been tested for the Coronavirus, what are we going to do … Why are you coughing then? Into the tents – strangers only! VIDEO!

Only those who have symptoms should be tested … and the virus is transmitted three days before any symptom occurs. If one person is infected, then his entire family is infected!

Why then did the foreigners, citizens of Serbia who came to Sarajevo, not be stopped? We asked Serbia to receive its citizens, Radoncic begged and we accepted them!

The lie is that people at the borders are not in control! Then why do the citizens of Croatia come to BiH for shopping, in Orasje? Well, we have cross-border cooperation…

If you don’t all obey curfew, then we’ll impose a 24 hour ban! We bring migrants to centers! We make isolatories for them. Borders on the borders are for foreigners only, all BH citizens go to their homes in self-isolation!

An autopsy will show if a woman from Bihac died of Corona! Only you do not contact, touch and no problem! We will build isolatories in cities in sports and cultural centers!

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