Kurt Bassuener: BiH. politicians steal money, foreigners know it! Corruption in the DNA of Bosnia!

The political system in BiH has two basic tools: Patronage and fear

Since the creation of Dayton BiH, the system has been designed to enable the country’s political elites to abuse power and benefit from it.

The key is to get into the system and stay there. As soon as you enter the political elite, you do not leave it unless you form an apostate party and go that route or die.

You easily create fear, with little effort, but patronage requires funds, and those funds can be brought in from outside. This COVID crisis, like the 2014 floods, is another opportunity to push more money into the system, to pay patrons and patrons.

Patronage in these political elites is financed not only by international funds but primarily by Bosnian money, but we help with that. When you know the nature of the system, then nothing surprises anymore. This is a system designed to be for their profit. Fear does not only go towards the citizens, downwards, fear of violence, fear that the job will be lost, it also goes upwards.

The EU has a moral right and a legal right to support some things it does not support. So we actually maintain those networks of patronage, we are afraid of alternatives. These people always threaten that they can undermine peace whenever they want. It is a very simple protection racket Pribe’s report says that this is a constitutional, structural problem and you will not solve it until you deal with the constitutional side of the state. The fact is that politics is a dirty job in BiH, but it is a job. There is a public negotiation about what will be done. profit from politics because it’s all a matter of money.

We talk about corruption as if it is some opportunistic contagion that has a weakened immune system in front of it. Corruption, abuse of power for profit is in the institutional DNA of Dayton BiH. That is the reason why people enter politics, it is not accidental. People are no longer able to think meaningfully about change through elections, they do not believe that the election results are real. For Trump, I say that he is our first Balkan president, because he has a recognizable system of work, and he despises such policies for everything.

Politicians should not be loved by anyone, they should not be bothered by anyone. We foreigners were the control mechanisms of bh. politicians. WE gave up because we thought they were making progress. You cannot change the system by elections, it will not change if you do not face what is outside the system. They are afraid of protests such as Justice for David, Justice for Jennan, they are afraid of you. Everyone plays to avoid responsibility at the state level, everyone cooperates when they benefit from it.

You can’t change the system through the system itself, it can only change outside the institutions, that’s how the changes took place in Northern Macedonia. A European diplomat told me: “Kurt, if you stop giving them money, it’s like having two rats in a cage, they will eat each other. ”They are horrified if they stop feeding that system that political elites will create conflict to survive.

For the money of various world taxpayers, we could reduce the power they have and tell them that we will not allow them to use violence. If we do not give them money, we keep our hands on their backs and they cannot use violence against citizens. At this moment, politicians do not respect us, neither do the citizens, but we also show that we do not respect the citizens, because we blame them for the fact that these political elites are in power.

The EU and the IMF know that money is being misused in BiH, this is nothing new. Detonation BiH is a machine for destroying the initiative. .

The war was won by those in black Audis. Citizens must force us to change our policy. The immediate threat to BiH is internal. I am for BiH in NATO, but the majority of citizens must want it. The basic solution is to change the Constitution. Municipalities are a fundamental element in building a new society and as a result of the COVID crisis, people are more focused on the local level.

Public health has become a source of corruption. A state system should be built there that will guarantee the same service system. The infrastructure in BiH is weak, it is all divided for purely political reasons, a lot of money has been wasted in every sector.

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