Elmedin Konaković on the suspension of the investigation in the ‘Pečat’ case: “I officially asked, by e-mail, the spokesperson Bavčić to say why she did it.”

Sarajevo: After the announcement in the media by the spokesperson of the KS Prosecutor’s Office, Azra Bavčić, that the investigation of the ‘Pečat’ case was suspended, Elmedin Konaković also announced on his Facebook profile regarding the case.

The spokesperson of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office, KS Azra Bavčić, today repeated to the media who were interested in the suspension of the investigation in the “Pecat” case in an official statement that the investigation was suspended because “I was not aware of the illegality of the action.”
Consciously or not, she did not read the parts of the Decision to the media stating that I had acted in accordance with Article 15 of the KS Seal Law, and as the head of that body protected the seal from misuse.
The regime media immediately reported in the context of the spokesperson’s statement.
Now, the Criminal Code does not release me from responsibility if I have committed a crime due to ignorance of the regulations. On that basis, the investigation could not be suspended.
I officially asked, by e-mail, the spokesperson Bavčić to say why she did it.
Are they angry in the Prosecution because no indictment has been filed?
Did anyone ask them not to confirm the indictment even though I committed the crime, so she says that as “I was not aware”?
Is that now the basis if Solak says that he did not know how to steal, on the same basis they suspend the investigation?
You have done enough damage to this society, we will not give more !!!
And I’m not for you for those games of yours. ”


Post of Elmedina Konaković on his private fb profile


According to the criminal law, an offense was committed which is a criminal offense, and when the perpetrator is aware of that committed offense, he still committed another (new) criminal offense. In that case, the perpetrator is charged with two criminal offenses. Konaković was acquitted of intent in this case, but the fact is that he stole the seal, so it is not clear how the spokesperson of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office did not explain why he was acquitted of the committed crime. Is it because the said act is not criminal and is in accordance with the law, and they did not find elements to file an indictment or they only gave a general explanation so that they could use the same qualification in case they want to abolish some other cases, as Konaković states in his post. fb profile.



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