Eid customs in BiH: Eid, takbir on the way to the mosque, women’s Eid …

Eid al-Fitr, one of the greatest Muslim religious holidays throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, is celebrated today …

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Most Muslim men and women will welcome him and spend it in a family environment.

In the tradition of Bosnian Muslims, this holiday occupies a special place. From the morning hours, male family members go to the morning prayer, and after that, they offer the Eid prayer, come home, congratulate, and perform the Eid duties.

When going to the Eid prayer, it is customary to go to the mosque one way and return the other way. Takbir is taught in the mosque during the Eid prayers.

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On the day of both Eids, certain things are recommended, which contribute to the celebration of the specialties of these days as holidays. It is nice: to take a bath before going to the Eid prayer; eat before the Ramadan Eid prayer (odd number of dates, or something else if we don’t have dates), and eat on Eid al-Adha only after the prayer (and it’s nice to be a lump of sacrificial meat), learn Takbeer on the way to and from the mosque, congratulations, wearing the most beautiful clothes, smelling and decorating …

The most common Eid lunch in Bosnia and Herzegovina begins with soup or broth, followed by stew, such as Cimbur, Sarma, Dolma, Bosnian pot … Followed by roasted meat with vegetables, so ask… Baklava, Roses, Tufahija, and Halva.

Baklava is, of course, the most famous, and why we should eat it in moderation.

This holiday is also a special joy for children. Eid bank or Eid al-Fitr is something to look forward to and look forward to. It is customary for children to visit older relatives and neighbors and to be gifted with money, chocolate, or candies. “Sugar” (a type of pear) used to be popular. Children used to congratulate their parents on Eid by kissing their right hand, and parents reciprocate by kissing their children on the forehead and giving them a Hajr donation. This custom has been preserved in some places in BiH to this day.

The first day of Eid is spent with the family that gathers with the oldest members, and on the second day, they visit the cemetery. The second day of Eid is also the Day of the Martyrs, while the third day is intended for socializing with friends and acquaintances.

Also in some parts, there was once a so-called. Eid al-Adha. He would perform after the Eid celebrations are over, that is. the first three days of Eid as the unofficial fourth day. Then the women who welcomed the guests for three days of Eid found time for themselves.

Eid is also a day when one calms down and forgives. A day when quarrels are forgotten.

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