Drug combo ‘can cure’ coronavirus symptoms, gastroenterologist says

An “almost foolproof” triple combo can get rid of coronavirus symptoms within 48 hours, according to a leading gastroenterologist.

An “almost foolproof” three-pronged treatment for coronavirus symptoms is being rolled out in Victorian nursing homes, according to gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody.

The Centre for Digestive Disease professor said the “triple therapy” involved Ivermectin, Doxycycline, and zinc and “cured” at least 15 of his COVID-19 positive patients.

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“Within 48 hours their cough had gone down and fever decreased – their oxygen levels had also significantly improved in that time,” Prof Borody told NCA NewsWire.

The professor – famous for his development of the triple-therapy cure for peptic ulcers in 1987 – said: “a number” of Victorian aged care facilities had this week signed up to start using the therapy, which was Federal Drug Agency and World Health Organisation approved.

Professor Thomas Borody says Victorian nursing homes are starting to use his three-pronged treatment against coronavirus. Source: Supplied

“You need drugs that block enzymes in the cell,” Prof Borody said.

“When Ivermectin and zinc combine, it’s very important in killing the reproductive cycle where multiplication occurs.

“Virtually everybody gets cured – it’s so simple and in 10 days, side effects are virtually unheard of.”

Prof Borody said Ivermectin was widely used for parasitic infections and was being cited and prescribed as a treatment against the deadly coronavirus in South America, Japan, and the UK.

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He called on Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and the state’s chief health officer Brett Sutton to consider the research of the therapy.

“I’ve gotten a positive response so far from the Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt and deputy chief health officer Dr. Nick Coatsworth, but if we want to stop the suffering in Victoria, this needs to be prescribed to the masses,” Prof Borody said.

“This can open up aged care and end lockdown within the aged care system.

“You’ve got about 2000 active cases in Victoria and many more general practitioners than that – so if every doctor started prescribing this you’ll start to see the changes Victoria has been longing for.”


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