Bosnia, Solak: Tomorrow’s mitigation measures, children and the elderly will be able to get outside

The Federal Civil Staff Session is likely to issue an order tomorrow to ease restraints on people 65 and under.

As Chief of Staff Fahrudin Solak confirmed for Factor, three days a week will be allowed for elderly people to move, and for three days children will be allowed, in different periods.

– We have been talking about this for a long time, we have been monitoring the effects of retirement exit and we have good indicators, so we can already start with these measures. We are likely to start mitigating the measures from Monday. It is planned for the elderly to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in the morning until about 1 pm. It is important not to interfere with those returning from work, to minimize the possibility of grouping. For children, it will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, in the afternoon, from about 2pm or 3pm. We had in mind that children should be accompanied by their parents, so when they get home from work, that is the afternoon, ”Solak explained.

Apart from these, the gradual abolition of other restrictions is being considered, but this is still in the process of agreement and planning.

– We plan gradually over the next four cycles of 14 days, because every 14 days we see the effects of certain measures – explained Solak.

Factor.ba/ Balkantimes.press

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