Altruist Keanu Reeves lives in an ordinary apartment, wanders the city, rides the subway

This is Matrix movie star, Keanu Reeves. His father left him at the age of 3 and he grew up with 3 different stepfathers. He is dyslexic. His dream of becoming a hockey player was shattered by a severe accident

Keanu Reeves, Photo: Social Media

His daughter died at birth. His wife died in a car accident. His best friend, River Fenix, died of an overdose.

His sister was battling leukemia.

No bodyguards, no luxury houses. Keanu Reeves lives in an ordinary apartment and loves to wander the city and is often seen riding the subway in New York.

When he was filming “House on the Lake”, he overheard two costumed helpers talking, one of whom was crying because he would lose his house if he didn’t pay $ 20,000 – On the same day, Keanu Reeves deposited the necessary amount in his bank account.

In his career, he has donated large sums to hospitals, including $ 75 million of his Matrix earnings to charity.

In 2010, on his birthday, Keanu Reeves entered the bakery and bought a brioche with one candle, ate it in front of the bakery, and offered coffee to people who stopped to talk to him.

In 1997, some paparazzi found him walking in the company of a homeless man in Los Angeles one morning, listening to him and sharing his life for several hours.

In life, sometimes those most broken on the inside are the most willing to help others.

This man could buy everything, and instead, he gets up every day and chooses one thing that cannot be bought:
? Be a caring person.

Keanu Reeves, Photo: Social Media

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