Airplane flights – when sunlight rivers flow

Each flight by plane is a little uncomfortable when taking off because of the inertial force that pulls us to the ground, considering that sometimes our stomach also obeys it

Otherwise, the airplane on departure is a great platform for capturing those extraordinary moments of ground when we are so high when we fly in relation to the earth, and when every human creation on it looks like a model or a miniature, only God’s creations are more visible, the sea, the vast plains, and the mountain ranges. If the ground is a reference system, the aircraft must be in the air, flight is when the aircraft is above the ground. I write about the flight and during the flight, I never think about the fall, because the point is flight and the experience of how villages, cities, hills, plains, rivers, and seas move below us.


It was my first time flying a plane as a fourteen-year-old girl. I took my little brother with me from Podgorica to Sarajevo. The flight was short. As soon as we flew behind, there were houses, mosque white mosques behind us, and the objects on the ground diminished until they disappeared behind the shores. I don’t remember feeling any fear or discomfort. I just remember asking my brother, “Can we get wet now?” Given that he was only two years old, he said yes. That was the expected and the answer for the little boy. In the older sister’s style, I replied, “Because now we fly above the clouds, look at them below us.”

The later flights were longer and special each in their own way, rarely that when I thought about altitude, I didn’t even have a sense of dread. The flight was a routine for me, a means of getting to my destination, otherwise, it is rare that the surrounding world can impress me so much that it impairs any of my inner experiences. The airplane planes the truth in me have aroused some attention, I would see the world from a bird’s eye perspective. Although there was always a warning to turn off cell phones and the like, I used special moments all the time to keep some interesting scenery and scattered sunshine in the camera lens.


It’s nice to fly in the daytime when the weather is sunny. One such flight was a flight to Antalya; it was a collective excursion, except for taking pictures of the landscapes above which we flew, we would find only a cloud-like piece of sugar wool, the houses looked like thumbnails and only covered the sea for a long time. The guide alerted us to the large numerous greenhouses in Antalya, which bleached on a large surface from which vegetables were exported to many parts of the world, including our country. The flight was enjoyable and the landing ended with applause from passengers.

On the way back we mostly talked, I even read something about Roselana, and at some point, I was in a state of absolute rest because I did not move relative to the plane, the plane was for me almost all the time the reference system and its movement in some coins I didn’t even register.



Flying in the dawn above the northern ice seas is another story altogether. That cold feeling, I don’t know because of the icy surfaces of the water and the hors d’oeuvres. I just remember that at that moment the sun had not yet reached a central position, and no less important position in the sky was cloudy so that some other celestial bodies were accidentally found in the camera’s lens. How we see landscapes depends on the sun’s rays. When the sun scatters them across the earth, we see it bright and serene, as they bounce from the surface to the eye of the beholder or the focus of the camera.











The flight from Belgrade Airport, where you can see Santa Claus in November, is local, you see the Danube, the Sava, and the plains, then the Drina River, and when you arrive at the destination of hilly Bosnia.



In case the weather is cloudy you can see the shadow cast by the clouds on the surface of the earth. The clouds are white, reflecting a lot of the sun’s rays back and at the same time creating a dark umbrella on the ground.

On my last plane trip, I observed towns and settlements that looked like small models, rivers, mountains, lakes, and the sea.


Clouds, those little Cirruses were well below and the larger ones were close to the plane. Suddenly, a large, beautiful cloud society appears somewhere beside it, so beautiful that the lens cannot bypass it. Clouds channel the sun’s rays, repel them, partially miss them or cover them completely. One time the plane first came through thick cloud smoke, gray like smoke, and then we sank a little. When we got out of that vortex, the seat was still shaking, I see when that man shakes the seat on purpose, to scare his wife.


On the way back it was clear. The rays of the sun fell at a sharp angle to the water’s surface, then the lakes glowed like mirrors, and the rivers flowed in the sunshine, and from a great height, you can see that through the landscape, with the water, the sun’s light swirled and disappeared into the forest.



This scene is remarkable because it looks as if the light is flowing instead of water, if it weren’t for the reflections of a small river they would not be visible from such a height. The golden glare at dusk is a special experience. As was the air that clung to the wing of the plane so golden. A sun that looks like an enlarged ball.




A special experience was once the air traffic was thick, the ‘crowds’ in the sky, even one plane flew very near to us, another flew just below us very quickly and escaped the lens, while the third one was able to record as it was on larger distances, just as far as flying parallel to us and leaving behind a white trail. Both take-off and landing are flights, but then we already see urban areas on a slightly larger scale, but this flight is short-lived because the airport is already close and we land on the ground in a short time or separate from it if we take off.



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